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IPL Hair Removal Machine, SMQ-NYC-3 Series

IPL Hair Removal Machine, SHR Hair Removal Machine, Intense Pulsed Light Machine, Super Hair Removal Machine

About the IPL Machine
SMQ- NYC-3 series IPL machine for hair removal is the 3rd generation of fully intelligent intense pulsed light treatment system newly-developed by Sincoheren. The handle for treatment is matched automatically. We have pre-set 3 treatment modes: traditional IPL, Fly Point, and SHR. The OPT pulse technique, accompanied with 2000W power supply for this IPL hair removal machine commits an accurate and stable energy output. Both large spot HR handle and small spot SR handle are prepared for option. This machine adopts transparent contact type skin cooling to add to patient’s comfort in treatment. The most distinctive part of our IPL hair removal machine is the multi-pulse technique, which can cause the single pulse to disintegrate into 1-3 sub-pulse, ensuring users’ safety and the treatment result. Exclusively, our IPL hair removal is competent in dealing with dark skin. Under a room temperature of 20℃ and an energy density of less than 25 J/cm², the IPL machine is able to work continuously for 8 hours. Sincoheren IPL machine for hair removal is applicable in hair removal, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, skin whitening, acne removal, vascular removal, dark spot removal, pigment removal, and senile plaque removal.

Principle of Treatment
1. The intense pulsed light with certain wavelength will have an influence upon the skin tissue and generate light and heat effect. In this way, the collagen fibers and strength fibers existed deep in the skin will be rearranged and regain their elasticity. Simultaneously, the deep blood vessel will show better circulation performance, thus leading to a shrink on the pores and an elimination of the facial wrinkles.
2. Absorbed by the abnormal pigment, the intense pulsed light with certain wavelength will make these pigment cell cracked into fine particles, which will then be swallowed by the macrophages and removed from the body by metabolism.
3. The intense pulsed light generated by the hair removal machine will pass through the skin and arrive at the hair follicle. Then the energy of IPL will lead to a sharp rise of the high-density melanin in temperature and finally coagulation necrosis. After this process, the unwanted hair is removed permanently.
4. Utilizing the theory of selective photothermolysis, after absorbing the intense pulsed light of certain wavelength, the abnormal blood vessels shows a higher temperature increase rate than that of the normal vessels. The huge temperature difference will make the abnormal vessels solidified and then go disappeared.

1. Hair removal: armpit hair, lip hair, hairline, bikini line, limb hair
2. Skin rejuvenation: Photorejuvenation, skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, shrink pores, acne removal, skin resurfacing, eye wrinkles removal, skin tightening, etc.
3. Pigment removal: freckles, age spots, cafe-au-lait spot, pigment abnormalities, pigmentation, chloasma, pigment spots, etc.
4. Scars: acne scars, surgical scars

Advantages of IPL Machine
IPL machine for hair removal is a kind of non-surgical, painless and bloodless physical therapy using the intense pulsed light. In China, it is the first IPL hair removal having reached the international leading level and passed the TGA, TUV, FDA, CE, and CFDA certificates. The treatment result is highly reliable. Since it came out in 2015, IPL hair removal equipment has become one of the most advanced treatment equipment in medical beauty industry.

Our IPL beauty equipment adopts 10.4-inch touch screen control. 3 modes are offered: IPL, FP, and SHR. It employs flat UI design and OPT pulse technique. Besides, we have equipped it with 2000W IPL power supply, and the Xenon lamp from AMIGO. The discharge frequency is 1Hz. With precision energy control, the energy deviation is no more than 5%. We have set a USB interface for the IPL hair removal machine for remote upgrade. The handle is delicate. Half of the treatment time can be saved with the large spot design of HR handle. With the modular design, machine maintenance is rather convenient. We use the adjustable multi-pulse technology for this hair removal equipment to make the treatment rapid, comfortable, and efficient. The cooling device incorporated by air cooling, water cooling, and semiconductor refrigeration systems will add to patients’ comfort to the max extent.

Exclusive Features of IPL Machine for Hair Removal
1. Advanced OPT Technique
a. OPT is a kind of uniform square wave utilized to eliminate the excess energy and enhance the safety.
b. With the OPT technique, the attenuation of pulse energy in later period will be avoided.
c. Each pulse or sub-pulse is distributed is uniform square shape to realize an excellent repetitive treatment result.

2. 3 Optional Treatment Handles
a. HR handle
Wave length: 690 nm-1200nm;
Energy density: 5-45 J/cm²;
Modes: IPL, SHR, FP

b. VR handle
Wave length: 420nm-1200nm;
Energy density: 5-45 J/cm²;
Used for: vascular, superficial hemangioma

c. SR handle
Wave length: 560 nm-1200nm;
Energy density: 5-40 J/cm²;
Used for: acne, skin rejuvenation, superficial pigment, deep pigment

3. Hair Removal Modes
a. Traditional IPL
Traditional laser or IPL technique is suitable for facial hair removal. It targets at hair with medium thickness and destroys the hair follicle accurately with high energy.

b. Fly Point
This technique is especially set for small body areas like the upper lip, the hairline, and the ear. With the fly point hair removal technique, it performs perfectly in local hair removal to remove fine hair. For people of small tolerance, this mode is an ideal choice.

c. SHR
As a recommended style of Sincoheren hair removal equipment, SHR mode is an ideal for large area of hairy parts, like the limbs, underarm, and beard. It is both rapid and painless.

Technical Parameters of IPL Hair Removal
Model SMQ-NYC-3
Manufacturer Beijing Sincoheren Science & Development Co., Ltd.
Running continuously
Wave length SR: 560nm-1200nm
HR: 690nm-1200nm
Max energy density SR: 40J/cm2±20 %
HR: 45J/cm2±20 %
Hole size for light SR: 16mm×57mm, ±0.1mm
HR: 8mm×34mm, ±0.1mm
Dimension 525mm×490mm×1080mm (L x W x H)
Weight 45kg
Note: VR handle is optional for this model of IPL hair removal machine and can share the same handle interface with SR handle. The basic parameters of VR handle is listed below:
Wave length 420nm–1200nm
Hole size for light 8mm×34mm, ±0.1mm
Max energy density 45J/cm2±20 %
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