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E-Light Equipment (IPL+RF)

Pigment Removal Machine, IPL Hair Removal Machine, RF Hair Removal Machine, Skin Rejuvenation Machine, E-Light Machine

About the E-Light Machine
E-light hair removal machine is a kind of E-light treatment system with the combination of intense pulsed light and radio frequency. Using the E-light technique, we can provide an ideal temperature distribution in the dermis, leading the light to targeting more accurately at the tissue we want to deal with. The light generated by the E-light equipment works around the dermis and the connective tissue to simulate the production of new, fresh collagen while without having an effect upon the surrounding normal skin, thus the wrinkles will be removed safely and your skin will be considerably improved. E-light equipment for hair removal is competent in cleaning the patches of pigment and vascular on the face and boosting the collagen in the skin, making your facial skin to regain its elasticity and original texture.

Principle of Treatment
Holding the theory that the multi-wavelength, intense pulse, broad spectrum phototherapy generated by IPL can penetrate the skin epidermis and arrive at the dermis to have an effect on the targeted abnormal pigment cells and issue, we design the E-light system to dissolve the abnormal pigment cells, block the abnormal blood vessels, and simulate the production of new collagen utilizing the IPL technique. After this treatment, our intention of pigment removal, skin resurfacing, and hair removal will be realized.

This E-light system is mainly used for: wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenating, hair removal, acne treatment, leg veins treatment, and treatment of other vascular lesions. It is especially suitable for hair removal of light skin and light hair.

1. With super large light spot, the hair removal efficiency of our E-light equipment is 2 times of the efficiency of common equipment. The cost is cut largely simultaneously.
2. The accurate energy control system is able to cure a variety of conditions of different skin colors.
3. To ensure the safety and comfort during treatment, we use the semi-conductor control system to let the temperature of crystal drop to -4℃ within 5 minutes of starting the E-light machine.
4. Effective and durable
5. With the modular interior design, the inspection and installation process is largely simplified. LDC interface is set to make the equipment easy-operated.

Technical Parameters
Light type intense pulsed light
RF frequency 10MHz
RF power 50W
Treatment handle standard: SR & HR; optional: VR
Wave length (SRHRVR) 560-1200nm, 690-1200nm, 420-1200 nm
Transmission system crystal light guide system
Safety level I level B type
Pulse sequence 2/3
Charging time 1.5s
Hole size for light 8*34mm, 16*57mm ±0.2mm
Temperature of the hole for light ≤37℃
Refrigeration system Semiconductor refrigeration & closed-loop liquid cooling
Dimension (L×W×H) 490mm x 525mm x 952mm
Net weight 35kg
Fuse F6.3AL 250V
Input power 1200VA
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