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LED Light Therapy Machine

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About the LED Light Theory Machine
Photodynamic therapy is originated from the research of NASA, who found that the growth of fibroblast and muscle cell can be increased by 5 times by controlling the lighting conditions. This research result has obtained beauty experts' affirmation and is now applied widely in beauty products. As a piece of new high-tech equipment, PDT light machine for skin rejuvenation employs the biological light source whose LED purity exceed 99%. It allows for no photothermal effect. When we use this LED light therapy machine, the light penetrated into the skin will arouse a boost of the fibroblast and a reconstruction of the collagen fibers in the dermis, correspondingly leading to the skin to regain its elasticity and luster.

Principle of Treatment
LED skin rejuvenation machine works by destroying the living environment of bacterial and activating the sterilization function of human cells. The 415nm narrow-spectrum blue-violet light emitted by PDT is quite matchable with the optical absorption peak of propionibacterium acnes, whose metabolites-porphyrins, will produce a great amount of singlet reactive oxygen species in the de-excitation process. These reactive oxygen species will generate a highly-toxic environment (high oxygen concentration) for the propionibacterium acnes, then result in the death of bacterial. After this process, the acnes will be removed completely from the skin.

The LED light therapy machine adopts the photobiomodulation principle to accelerate the growth of collagen fibers. With the red light of high light intensity, uniform energy density, and high purity acting upon the skin, we commit that patients will not suffer from other harmful lights and the diseased tissues are targeted precisely. The light emitted by the PDT light therapy machine acts on the mitochondria in the cells of subcutaneous tissue and simulates a highly efficient photochemcial reaction-enzymatic reaction, then the cytochrome C oxidase is activated and release more energy to encourage the production of DNA, RNA. Then a large quantity of collagen and fibrous tissues are generated to replace those dead cells and wastes.

Functions of our LED light skin rejuvenation machine: pigmentation treatment; reducing skin melanin; simulating the growth of new cells; reconstructing the dermal structure; producing high-purity yellow light to match the optical absorption peak of blood vessels, and improving the microcirculation safely with no thermal effect; increasing cell activity and achieving skin rejuvenation.

1. Acne remedy, scar removal
2. Reverse skin aging, shrink pores, wrinkle removal, skin lightening
3. Pigment removal, freckle removal, sunburn removal, senile wart removal
4. Skin tightening
5. Damaged skin repair (skin repair after skin resurfacing; burns, blisters, and pigmentation caused from the photon therapy)

1. The LED skin treatment equipment employs folding design to for the convenient of transporting as well as saving space. Its treatment handle can be rotated 360 degrees.
2. The adjustable rods make it applicable in different situation (with the patient lying or sitting).
3. Our beauty equipment is controlled by microcomputer. With an hour meter, it is able to shut down automatically.
4. We have made the irradiation head arcuated to match the human face.
5. Operation is largely simplified with the LCD panel.
6. 7 different light sources (red, blue, yellow, mixed lights) are prepared to meet different treatment requirements.
7. Extremely long life, stable performance, and long working hours

Technical Parameters
Light biologically inspired LED
Output wave length red light: 640nm±5nm; blue light: 415nm±5nm; yellow light: 590nm±5nm
Spot size 350nm×240nm
Temperature of the handle ≤40℃
Output power 80mW/cm
Timing control adjustable range: 0-30min
Power supply 220VAC 50Hz, or 110VAC 60Hz
Dimension 630mm×245mm×560mm
Weight 12.5kg
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