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Mini Tattoo Removal Laser

Laser Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Laser Removal Machine, Laser Eyeliner Tattoo Removal, Lip Line Tattoo Removal

About our Tattoo Laser Removal
Mini tattoo removal laser is designed basing on the blasting effect of laser. The laser generated by the equipment penetrates the epidermis, arrives at the dermis, and then is absorbed by pigment. Owing to the extremely large energy (up to 500mj for each pulse) released in a very short time (several nanoseconds), the pigment group will expand instantaneously and crack into small particles after it has absorbed the high-energy laser. Finally, the small particles will be swallowed by the macrophages and excreted out of human body. After the whole process, the pigment will fade gradually until disappear.

Principle of Treatment
The Nd Yag laser machine for pigmented lesion is designed basing on the theory of selective absorption of light. With the large peak power and nanosecond pulse width of the Nd Yag laser, coupled with the fact that the relaxation time for the melanin in melanin cells and keratinocytes is rather short, the pigment particles (tattoo, melanin) who have preferably absorbed the laser energy will burst instantaneously, without hurting the surrounding normal tissues. Finally the blasted particles will be excreted from the human body.

Tattoo removal laser is generally used for pigmented lesion, such as tattoo (blue, black, brown, red, mixed pigment), eyeliner, lip liner, etc.

Advantages of the Tattoo Laser Removal Machine
1. No damage to follicles or skin, no scars
2. Instant blasting technology
3. Short treatment time; easy-operated
4. The solid laser is manufactured according to international standards
5. Large LCD screen; computer monitoring
6. Little pain and no anesthesia needed
7. No influence on the daily life and work
8. High and rapid return on investment

Technical Parameters
Laser type Q-Switch Nd: Yag
Wave length of laser 1064nm, 532nm, 1032nm
Pulse energy 0-1000mj
Pulse energy 10ns
Frequency 1-6Hz
Dimension 38cm×20cm×20cm
Weight 8kg
Power supply AC 230V 50-60Hz
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