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Pigment and Spot Removal

Pigment Removal Laser, Spot Removal Laser, Skin Rejuvenation Solution, Laser Skin Treatment Machine, Tattoo Removal Laser

    1. LED Light Therapy Machine Photodynamic therapy is originated from the research of NASA, who found that the growth of fibroblast and muscle cell can be increased by 5 times by controlling the lighting conditions.
    1. Q Switched Nd Yag Laser EXQ-Laser is a newly developed Nd: YAG laser treatment system basing on the laser Q modulation technology. It is designed with 1064/532 dual-wavelength optical laser and 5ns pulse width.
    1. Mini Tattoo Removal Laser Mini tattoo removal laser is designed basing on the blasting effect of laser. The laser generated by the equipment penetrates the epidermis, arrives at the dermis, and then is absorbed by pigment.
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