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Kuma Shape Body Slimming Machine

Body Shaping Machine, Laser Fat Reduction Machine, Fat Burning Machine, Laser Fat Removal Machine, Body Slimming Machine

About the Body Slimming Machine
SRV-106 series RF slimming machine is a combination of bipolar radiofrequency, infrared ray, negative pressure, and automatic mechanical massage, with the controllable inhalation electro-thermal simulation technique being its therapeutic mechanism. This body slimming machine is comprised of host part, control system, and treatment handle, among which the control unit is set inner the machine case. Its built-in integrated microcomputer can be connected with monitoring equipment. A 10.4-inch LCD screen is employed for the operation panel to show the treatment solution and the parameters. The handle of the fat burning machine is designed with dense transmitters and transmission systems. Besides, we have set key switches and emergency stop for safety consideration. This series RF body shaping machine is manufactured strictly according to EN60601-1: 1990, A1: 1993, and A2: 1995: 1996 standards.

Principle of Treatment
The Radio frequency penetrated into the skin will rapidly generate a thermal effect and cause collagen stimulation and contraction, resulting to a skin tightening effect and leading the adipocyte to collide and rub with each other violently. In this way, a large amount of calorie will be consumed and the adipocyte will get much smaller. When the vibration frequency reaches a certain range, the adipocyte will be blasted instantaneously. Bioeffect is able to enhance the local blood circulation and active the lipase rapidly, letting the triglyceride existed in adipocyte be cracked into free fatty acids and glycerol in a high speed, and excreted out the body through liver metabolism. The infrared ray can heat the fibroblast in connective tissue and stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.

This body slimming system is suitable for burning the fat on butt, thigh, arm and abdomen, as well as reducing the cellulite. It also finds applications in wrinkle removal, fat burning, skin tightening, body shaping, upper eyelid lifting, body shaping after liposuction and postpartum shaping.

1. RF body slimming machine has got the TGA, FDA, and CE certificates
2. This system is equipped with 2 rollers of bipolar radio frequency and can penetrate into 0.5-1.5cm deep of skin to the adipose tissue
3. The 700-2500nm infrared ray can heat the fibroblast in connective tissue and accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, as well as the blood circulation and metabolism of the adipocyte
4. The 0-50HG adjustable vacuum is set to let the skin tissue inhaled into the space between the 2 electrodes, thus controlling the inhaled tissue accurately.

Technical Parameters
RF energy > 50W
Frequency 10M Hz
Energy of infrared ray > 20W
Infrared spectrum 700nm-2000nm
Negative pressure 0-0.07 MPa
Treatment area body: 50mm × 55mm arm: 37mm × 23mm
Power supply 230VAC 50Hz 400VA
Dimension (W×D×H) 454mm×390mm×1155mm
Weight 40kg
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