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CO2 Fractional laser machine

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About the CO2 Fractional Laser Machine
CO2 fractional laser therapy is an anti-aging breakthrough of the decade. Utilizing the ablation effect of laser upon the tissue, the fractional CO2 laser produces small 120-1200µm micropores on skin in 1mm deep dermis, and stimulates the boost of new collagen, which will help the skin to be more delicate. In this process, wrinkles and scars will be removed from the skin.

CO2 fractional laser machine is applicable in wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, seborrheic keratosis removal, chloasma removal, eye wrinkle removal, acne scar removal, and scar removal, etc.

1. CO2 fractional laser therapy is safe and efficient, and is suitable for various skin conditions
2. There are 5 treatment modes: round, oval, square, rectangle, triangle
3. Various operation modes like pulse, continuous-wave, super pulse are optional

Technical Parameters
Wavelength 10.6μm
Power 30W
Laser Diode laser (532nm, 5mW)
Micro-pulse energy 5MJ ~ 100 MJ
Transmission system 7-joint spring balanced arm for light guide
Scanning mode area: 0.1 ×0.1mm (min); 20 ×20mm (max) graphic: rectangle, oval, circle, triangle speed: 0.1~9cm²/s depth: < 2mm estimated power: 24mJ~1000J
Continuous power 1-30W (1W step)
Pulse interval 1ms-999ms (1ms step)
Pulse width 90~1000μs
FM frequency 1~999Hz (1Hz step)
Refrigeration system built-in water cooling device
Power supply 230VAC 50Hz 1000W
Dimension (W×D×H) 430mm×350mm×1050mm
Weight 35kg
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