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Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Cavitation Machine, Body Slimming Machine, Ultrasound Body Contouring Machine, Cavitation Body Slimming Machine

About the Cavitation Machine
Ultrasonic cavitation body slimming machine is designed relying on the cavitation effect generated with the pressure exerted by ultrasound on the adipose tissue. Ultrasound is set for the purpose of non-invasive fat blasting. This technique is a new achievement in the fat burning and weight loss field.

Sincoheren cavitation machine for weight loss is able to effectively break down stubborn fat and cellulite. The ultrasound is concentrated to produce a cavitation effect upon the adipocyte, which will be wrapped by extremely small bubbles. A thermal effect makes sense to let the bubbles and the adipocyte membrane expand and finally be blasted, without doing hurt to other tissues including the blood veins and the lymphatic system. The blasted adipose tissue will be absorbed by lymphatic system and then excreted out of the body.

Sincoheren cavitation slimming machine is consisted of host part, ultrasound treatment handle, bipolar/3-polar RF handles, etc. The host part equipped with 8-inch LCD display and key switch. The cavitation system for fat removal is an ideal nonsurgical alternative to traditional liposuction.

Ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine is used for repairing stretch marks, relaxing muscles, and local or whole body weight loss.

1. Unlike liposuction, cavitation treatment commits no pain or swelling. A recovery period is in no need.
2. It is able to conduct local weight loss
3. The fat reduction machine destroys the adipocyte only, and there is no need to worry about fat rebound
4. The stubborn cellulite is destroyed in the treatment, helping to flatten the potholed skin
5. 6 handles are set for different body parts
6. The fat is decomposed efficiently with 40KHz and RF
7. Time setting device is employed
8. The stubborn cellulite will be effectively removed
9. No pain; no hurt to skin
10. 7-inch touch screen is adopted for easy operation
11. The modular design had made maintenance rather convenient

Technical Parameters
Frequency 40KHz
Output power ≤100W
Output channel treatment handles
Material of handles stainless steel
Handle size diameter: 68mm
Surface temperature of the handles ≤45℃
Frequency 5MHz
Output power 100W
Bipolar handle (for eyes) 40W
Bipolar handle (for face) 50W
Bipolar handle (for body) 80W
Six-pole handle 100W
Single pole handle 100W
Shared parameters
Safety level I, B type
Operation time 10min defaulted; 1-60min adjustable
Refrigeration system air cooling
Dimension (L×W×H) 470mm×335mm×230mm
Net weight 7kg
Specification of fuse F3AL 250V
Input power 200VA
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
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