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Liposonix Equipment

Liposonix Slimming Machine, Liposonix for Thigh, Liposonix for Arm, Liposonic for Double Chin, Body Shaping Machine

About the Liposonix Equipment
Liposonix machine is an ideal for reducing fat on waist, abdomen, thigh, arms, and other parts which have disturbed Asian women a lot. After a treatment of 1 hour, the cell debris and fat will be absorbed by liver under the transmission of lymphatic system. Patients will be expected to see the treatment effect within 8-12 weeks. During this period, the body will naturally metabolize the damaged fat. According to research, over 91.3% customers support that after a treatment, their abdomen has witnessed apparent changes and their waist reduce 1 inch averagely, meaning they are able to wear smaller size of trousers and skirts. Customers having experienced the Liposonix treatment generally reflected that their bodies have become much slimmer than before. Now it only takes 2 1-hour treatment to realize these.

During weight loss and body shaping process, nothing can excite you more than reducing 1-inch of fat from your waist and abdomen. The Liposonix equipment owns unique PDS (protective distribution system) to accurately target at 1.3cm and 0.8cm of subcutaneous fat layer, and remove the fat around your abdomen and waist effectively.

Principle of Treatment
Liposunix equipment takes a non-invasive high intense focused ultrasound (HIFU) technique to lock the subcutaneous fat layer. The focused ultrasound energy is transmitted to thermal energy and then exerts influence on the adipocytes. On one part, the heat interferes the cells of subcutaneous adipose tissue and enhances its permeability, and on the other part stimulates the shrink and regeneration of the collagen in the subcutaneous layer, thus tightening the skin the machine targets at. This Liposonix body slimming machine transfers the electrical excitation signal to focused ultrasound with the high-frequency sasser. By moving the handle, operators can lock the targeted point and tighten the surrounding skin.

The liposonix fat reduction machine is applicable in body parts which are covered by 1 inch or 2.5cm of fat layer, like waist, abdomen, side waist, buttock, thigh, etc.

1. It is safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive
2. The machine utilizes high intense focused ultrasound to eliminate stubborn fat, which is a revolutionary breakthrough
3. Apart from using the Liposonix machine, users should also have a healthier diet and take more exercise for better treatment effect

Technical Parameters (single handle)
Ultrasound frequency 4MHz
Output style high intense focused type
Depth 1.3cm, 0.8cm
Handle replaceable handle with unique PDS system for accurate locating
How do the handles work they accurately lock the 1.3cm and 0.8cm of subcutaneous fat layer with an intelligent scanning system
Handle size 46x46cm
Handle 525
Spots for the focused ultrasound 576
Power supply 200-240 VAC; 5A; 50-60Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) 550 x 610 x 1340 (mm)
Weight 55kg
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