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Body Slimming

Body Slimming Machine, Body Shaping Machine, Beauty Equipment for Weight Loss, Fat Reduction Machine, Laser Fat Removal Equipment

    1. Kuma Shape Body Slimming Machine The Radio frequency penetrated into the skin will rapidly generate a thermal effect and cause collagen stimulation and contraction, resulting to a skin tightening effect and leading the adipocyte to collide and rub with each other violently.
    1. Coolplas Fat Freezing Machine SCV-102 Coolplas fat freezing machine is a new body slimming system developed considering the market demands. Relying on the fat freezing technique, this cryolipolysis machine transmits cooling to the targeted fat through a non-invasive energy extraction device. The exposure to cooling causes cell death of the adipose tissue without damage to the overlying skin. Then the dead adipocyte will be excreted out of the human body with the metabolism process.
    1. Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine Ultrasonic cavitation body slimming machine is designed relying on the cavitation effect generated with the pressure exerted by ultrasound on the adipose tissue.
    1. Liposonix Equipment Liposonix machine is an ideal for reducing fat on waist, abdomen, thigh, arms, and other parts which have disturbed Asian women a lot.
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