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About Sincoheren

Sincoheren is a senior medical and aesthetic equipment supplier founded in 1999. Over the past 17 years, Sincoheren has been focusing on developing various medical and beauty equipment. Our headquarter is in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing.

As a high-tech enterprise, Sincoheren possesses the certificate for producing and selling medical instruments and owns independent intellectual property rights. In the company, we set R & D department, sales department, production department, quality inspection department, and general administration department, etc. Sincoheren possesses large plants covering 5000m2, among which the office buildings take 2/5. We are now staffed by 300 people. Contributed to the powerful technique and first-class service, Sincoheren is rapidly tapping into the international market in recent years and our annual sales grows to hundreds of billions yuan.

Successively in the past 17 years, Sincoheren has developed medical laser skin treatment instrument (Nd Yag Laser), intense pulsed light medical device, RF body slimming machine, tattoo laser removal machine, laser hair removal device, fractional CO2 laser equipment, coolplas fat freezing machine, and HIFU machine. Reliable quality and considerate after sales service is why we are so popular among partners.

Monaliza Q-switched Nd: YAG laser therapy instrument, one of the brands of Sincoheren, is the first laser skin treatment equipment that gets the CFDA certificate in China. As the market grows, our products are sold to more and more countries and regions, like Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Middle East, South America, Canada, and Southeast Asia. We have got various medical instrument certificates: FDA, Medical CE, TUV, TGA, CMDCAS, etc. Today Sincoheren has been the most professional laser beauty equipment supplier with the most certificates in China.


From the year we were created in 1999, 17 years' evolvement has given Sincoheren the proficiency in developing and producing different medical and beauty equipment. During the past years, not only has our production mode changed, but also our product list is getting more and more enriched by composite product lines. A tree of growth may be the best to describe our development:

Service System

The service system of Sincoheren is comprised of 3 parts: sales dept., clinical instruction dept., and after sales dept.

1. Sales Department
In the sales department, about 80% of the members have got bachelor degree or above. This dept. is set to introduce our beauty equipment to the potential buyers, recommend customers the most appropriate models, and assist clients to perform market research, benefit analysis and publicity planning, etc.

2. Clinical Instrument Department
This department is responsible for offering clinical instruction for clients, such as answering the common problems in machine installing and operating, and clinical treatment. The members in this dept. have rich clinical experience. A regular return visit is valued.

3. After-Sales Department
The after-sales dept. divided into the domestic team and the team overseas is consisted of 26 experienced professionals, among which the domestic part incorporates 16 members who are either mid-level or senior engineers. It is the after-sales team’s responsibility to install and test the new machine, offer operation instructions, check and repair the equipment, and make a return visit regularly. We have several PhDs and Masters in this dept.

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